Amy McDougall, Master Matchmaker

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Thirteen-year-old Amy McDougall is worried about Travis, the single gay guy who adopted her when she was a kid. He wants a boyfriend yet isn’t having any luck finding one himself. Amy decides the solution is for someone else to do the finding. Someone like her! Amy’s first attempts at matchmaking are embarrassing flops, despite advice from her hyper-smart best friend Grace. But then Amy hits the jackpot, getting Travis together with her middle school Spanish teacher, Enrique Diaz. ¡Muy bien! “I’m a master matchmaker,” Amy boasts to Grace. Grace isn’t impressed. “One measly match does not prove you’re a master matchmaker,” she insists. Determined to lay claim to the title, Amy makes a match between Edith, Grace’s mom, and Brian, a handsome businessman. After that, she even finds Grace a boyfriend, nerdy-but-cute Denry. By now Amy is sure no one can deny that she’s Amy McDougall, Master Matchmaker. Still, Amy soon finds there can be a price to pay for meddling in other people’s lives.

Amy McDougall, Master Matchmaker is a fun and engaging tale which takes a fresh look at important subjects like love and friendship. It’s equally suitable for reading while munching on a bowl of cereal in the morning, lounging in a hammock on a lazy afternoon, or lying tucked up in bed at night.

Praise for Amy McDougall, Master Matchmaker

“Gary Pedler skillfully weaves a tale of matchmaking antics while exploring the topics of race, sexual identity, family, and belonging.”

– Margo Kelly, award-winning author of Who R U Really?