EZ and the Intangibles

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Ethan “EZ” Zanay loves the sport of basketball and it’s really unfortunate he’s so darn bad at it. After making an embarrassing mistake in front of his teammates, EZ finally decides to call it quits. End of story? Not quite yet.

EZ’s lack of basketball talent is far from his only problem. He’s isolated from classmates and wanders the fringe of the schoolyard alone during recess, gazing at the games he’s never invited to join in. When his father, a popular former sports star, is accused in a business scandal, the family must suddenly wrestle with financial problems. Plus, EZ’s bothersome kid brother is the town’s most promising young athlete, fast becoming a local legend.

And making matters worse, EZ still clings to the fantasy that someday, somehow, he might yet turn into that unheralded player who surprises everyone by coming through in the clutch. His best shot at a comeback is to specialize in those subtle moves and unseen maneuvers that don’t show up in the standard stat sheets. EZ’s secret game plan is to focus all his efforts on making the most of the intangibles. But he’ll only succeed if somebody is there to notice.


EZ and The Intangibles is a great book for children as they experience success, setbacks, self reflection, and finding their niche in life. And for parents, it serves as a reminder of the importance of the preadolescent years and why the problems in vicariously living through their children.”
– Ed Hightower, award-winning Superintendent of Schools and award-winning college basketball referee (4 NCAA Championship games, 12 Final Fours)

“Bob Katz has worked magic with this story. He has entwined exciting basketball plays with engaging math and statistics, and mentions of classic literature draw intelligent life parallels and, at times, mystique.”
– TheChildrensBookReview.com

“As readers root for EZ to overcome challenges, this entertaining 149-page novel chronicles the youthful spirit. The book provokes thought by deftly combining articulate, lucid prose with a grade schooler’s viewpoints that can help make pursuit of any sport more worthwhile.”

“The last few chapters will keep readers turning the pages as they root for the young narrator.”

“With EZ and the Intangibles, Bob Katz nails a three-pointer. Swish. Nothing but net.”

“Told through EZ’s resilient voice as he strives for basketball success, this novel’s ingredients can encourage readers to consider shortcomings that ail many community youth sports teams and programs.”

-Above reviews from Ask Coach Wolff, Doug Abrams, professor at University of Missouri Law School and recognized expert in youth sports.

“Bob Katz writes for all to understand what makes us us.“
– BookRoomReviews.com

“Bob Katz’s charming coming-of-age story is a convincing demonstration that winning isn’t everything.”
– Larry Gonick, Cartoon History of Universe