Falcon in the Dive

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The darkest days of Paris, 1790s. Riots ignite the street, classes struggle for power, and death rests at the foot of the guillotine. For Ani, the French Revolution is a catalyst for bringing down the corrupt aristocracy and avenging her fallen family, until she unwittingly befriends a high-ranking military nobleman who exposes the dark conspiracies of her own father’s past. Suspenseful twists, action-packed battles, narrow escapes, and daring feats of espionage find Ani walking a thin line between both sides of an epic clash brought to life in rich, gritty detail and sensory terror. When Ani becomes a pawn of rival political factions in this hostile, rapidly changing environment where naming suspects and pointing fingers is the only way to survive, eventually someone must get betrayed—either those she’s always trusted or those who’ve newly shown that trust itself might be a lie.

Praise for Falcon in the Dive

“With as many twists and turns as an eighteenth-century Parisian alley, Falcon in the Dive draws readers into the dark, beating heart of the French Revolution. From the dank mines below Nord-Pas-de-Calais and cellar hideouts crowded with ordinary Parisians to the exquisite palaces of the nobility, Leah Angstman tells the story of one remarkable woman whose courage and complexity changes—and saves—lives. There is no one writing today who can approach Angstman’s ability to blend profound erudition with a rollicking plot and indelible characters. A compelling page-turner, Falcon in the Dive will challenge everything you thought you knew about the French Revolution.”

—Ashley Shelby, author of Muri, South Pole Station, and Red River Rising

“Entrenched in historical detail, Leah Angstman’s Falcon in the Dive is the kind of book most authors wish they had the stomach for. No one is lucky in Angstman’s Paris, and the realism with which she crafts her tale will have readers white-knuckling the book, cringing and cheering on the same page. Falcon’s daredevil protagonist, Ani, is no exception to the rules of the world, and her losses are as tragic as her victories triumphant. Ani’s courage is without bounds, and in her, Angstman has realized a heroine as vital to today’s reader as she is to Falcon’s gritty, riotous France.”

—Eric Shonkwiler, author of Above All Men, 8th Street Power & Light, and Moon Up, Past Full