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Winter Break turns deadly when Rory Quinn and her treasure-hunter grandmother travel to Iceland in search of an enchanted artifact. The mission: to recover a blood-infused stone that legend says will lead its possessor to a doorway to hell. Their client’s grandson, Einar, stole the stone at the request of his favorite heavy metal band. As part of a publicity stunt, the band plans to open the closest doorway, rumored to exist deep inside one of Iceland’s many volcanoes, on Christmas.

Rory, Gram, and Einar’s twin brother, Gunnar, have only three days to recover the missing artifact or else the band will unleash unspeakable evil into the Icelandic wilderness. As the team grows closer to Einar, Rory is growing closer to Gunnar, too. But she can tell he’s keeping secrets from her. Big ones, that when revealed, will cause her to question almost everything she’s ever believed in and threaten the very lives of those she loves the most.

Praise for Hellfinder

Hellfinder is a captivating tale of action, romance, and magic unfolding across an epic setting. Stokes captures Iceland from all angles—the charming, the majestic, the desolate, and the deadly.”

—Victoria Scott, author of Fire & Flood and founder of Scribbler

“A fast-paced and fun adventure through a gorgeous and dangerous Icelandic setting, with cute boys, fluffy sled dogs, and maybe a couple of hostile demons along the way. I couldn’t stop reading it!”

—Tina Connolly, Nebula-nominated author of Seriously Wicked

Hellfinder is like the ultimate Netflix series. It’s The Amazing Race meets Supernatural, and I enjoyed every twist and turn.”

—Jude Atwood, author of Maybe there are Witches

Hellfinder is a whirlwind of twists and turns that will leave you breathless. Fans of Shadowhunters and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will find a kindred spirit in Rory as she battles evil while also trying to navigate complex and unfamiliar emotions for the new guy in her life.”

—Philip Siegel, author of The Break-Up Artist

“An author gifted with the ability to jump genres and stick the landing every time.”

Paste Magazine