Murder in Mennefer

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After thirteen-year-old Imhotep’s architect father, Kaneferw, is inexplicably killed on a construction site, Imhotep learns that his father’s business profits have gone missing. Forced to work in a grisly abattoir to make ends meet, Imhotep discovers that Ahmose, his father’s apprentice, is mysteriously connected not only to the missing funds but also to a grandiose plot orchestrated by the terrorist Sons of Atum to overthrow the king. When a family friend, in whom he has confided, is suddenly poisoned, Imhotep knows that time is running out—both to seek justice for his murdered father and to save the royal family from a bloody coup. Threatened at every turn, Imhotep must use all of his wiles to outwit his enemies, protect his family, and save the realm. Deftly navigating the twists and turns of ancient Egypt, Murder in Mennefer is a timeless tale of deceit, devotion, and intrigue.

Praise for Murder in Mennefer

"In Murder in Mennefer, Al Sirois rebuilds the ancient capital of Lower Egypt in painstaking detail and wills it to leap directly off the page in thirteen-year-old Imhotep's tragic tale of murder, loss, deception, and duty. A must read for lovers of mystery, history, and intrigue!"

- Frank Morelli, author of Breaking News and On the Way to Birdland