Secrets in Translation

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In this celebration of Italian life and culture, seventeen-year-old Alessandra returns for the summer to Italy, where she grew up. Pressured by her parents into babysitting a rebellious twelve year old—ruining holiday plans with newfound American friends—Alessandra resigns herself to a tedious summer in Positano. Her babysitting gig, however, turns out to be anything but boring! Not only does Alessandra fall for the handsome son of the Bertolucci family, renowned for their limoncello production, but when a body mysteriously turns up on the beach, the influence of organized crime in Positano becomes frighteningly real. As Alessandra is drawn further into an elaborate conspiracy, she must risk everything to protect herself, her family, and those she loves, and in the process finds herself—and her Italian heart.

Advance Reviews for Secrets in Translation:

“A teenage romance as sweet and satisfying as a summer day on the Amalfi coast, with a dark twist to add to the page-turning mystery.  Margo Sorenson has deftly captured the enigmatic moodiness of a tween, the budding self-awareness of an almost-adult young woman, and the tantalizing seductiveness of Italy—and its young men. A delightful armchair excursion to the romantic heart of southern Italy! Brava!”

– Dianne Hales, author of La Bella Lingua and the forthcoming La Passione: How Italy Seduced the World.

“What an entertaining read! Torn between two cultures, seventeen-year-old Alessandra (or Alex) struggles with where she fits in, and who she really wants to be. After living in America for the past year, she is returning to Italy as a nanny for a young charge who, in the boy-crazy department, is twelve going on sixteen. I enjoyed seeing the bond between the two girls develop, as well as Alessandra’s relationship with a certain very-hot Italian boy. Actually, there are two charismatic and handsome young men, but can either one be trusted or could one or possibly both be involved in the organized crime overshadowing the tranquil scenery? The descriptions of the beautiful coastal locations and customs are gorgeous and pulled me right into the action which builds up to a suspenseful climax and satisfying ending. I’ve never been to Italy, but now I’m ready to pack my bags and sit on a terrace sipping delicious lemon-flavored drinks. You’re sure to enjoy Secrets in Translation!”

– Marcia Strykowski, author of Roller Boy and Call Me Amy

“Secrets in Translation is a perfect mix of travel, culture, romance and mystery! The descriptions of the towns, restaurants and the people allow the reader to feel as if they are traveling to Italy with Alessandra! The character deals with the pull between the loyalty of two cultures and coming of age. The story is intriguing and pulls the reader in leaving them wanting more. A fun and interesting book that teens are sure to love.”

– Anita Celucci, Past President MA Library Association, Librarian, Westborough HS

“Utterly charming.”

– Allison Hill, YA buyer at Vroman’s Bookstore

“A great read that will leave you wanting to book a trip to Italy!”

– Meradeth Houston, author of Someone Else’s Soul and An Absence of Light