Stories in the Key of Me

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In the tradition of the of the classic short stories of Lydia Davis, Kurt Vonnegut, and Joy Williams, this singular collection explores the full range of human experience and behavior . . . both good and bad. At once compelling and provocative, Keith’s writing takes the reader to places that only a truly vivid and original imagination could. Frequently disquieting in theme and plot, the stories within these covers invariably contain meaningful truths and lessons, and just as frequently do so in an uproariously humorous and deeply compassionate manner.

Advance Reviews for Stories in the Key of Me

“I found myself happily lost in this wilderness of stories –– sharp little nuggets of narrative, written with the expertise of someone who has spent many years honing his craft. Michael C. Keith is an entertainer, but he’s an artist as well. I highly recommend his delightful short fiction –– perfect for easy consumption, and designed to linger in the memory.”
–– Jay Parini, author of The Last Station and The Damascus Road

“Keith consistently manages to make each story distinctive and fully formed. His writing is deliberately provocative, frequently questioning behaviors, amplifying baser thoughts, and looking at things with a skewed perspective. Absurd, philosophical, witty, and idiosyncratic, these markedly varied, amusing pieces of prose are engrossing and fully satisfying.”
–– Nicholas Litchfield, editor of Lowestoft Chronicle Anthology

“Michael C. Keith is a master of the short story genre.”
– Zvi A. Sesling, author Ware Zones and The Lynching of Leo Frank