Zip, or Micrology

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Very short poems about very small things.

Zip, or Micrology takes a close look at things we often overlook because they are commonplace.

Advance review for Zip, or Micrology:

“Kelly Cherry’s Zip, or Micrology mines a precious vein—very short poems. These are not epigrams but confrontations with the world, as if an eleven-year-old prodigy with the emotional maturity of her grandparents were constructing not only a voice but an esthetic in which it could play. I think of The Really Short Poems of A. R. Ammons as an appropriate comparison, in excellence as well as in address. Both poets are exploring a genre that might be called musings—not ambitious or pushy, but simulacra of people’s thoughts, especially if they are lively, cultivated people.”

– David Slavitt, author of William Henry Harrison and Other Poems, L’Heure Bleu, Jungle Poems of Leconte de Lisle, Compulsory Figures, Octaves, Vidui, Opus Posthumous