Che and the Calaway Girls

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As Hurricane Che cuts a swathe through the Gulf, Julia Calaway, a clothing designer for a famous Italian fashion house, prepares for the storm’s impact. Together with her daughter, nine-year-old Gracie, Julie intends to hunker down and ride out the storm in her childhood home in Houston—a house which has survived years of hurricanes and witnessed years of violence and desolation, dark secrets that continue to haunt the Calaway sisters. As the coast braces for destruction, Julia’s dying father is thrown out of his nursing home and delivered to her doorstep, her abusive ex-husband commits an act of violent vandalism, and her estranged sister confides a terrible secret that sheds further light on their childhood trauma. With the escalating threat of violence from her ex-husband and the resurrection of childhood fears, Julia must protect her daughter from present threats as well as from a legacy of suffering—all amid the turbulence of an oncoming hurricane.