How to Show Up and Shine in Law School With Gratitude, Grit, and Grace

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Before embarking on the life-altering, three-year journey of law school, law students need actionable tools to stay grounded, mindful, and connected to their purpose. Although exam-taking skills and outlining strategies are important, first-year law students also need guidance that recognizes their humanity. For example, when students make mistakes, or when things do not go as planned, how will they course correct? Do they have a recovery plan to get back on track? How will they respond to fear? Setbacks? Worry? Stress? Feelings of imposterism? What if they don’t measure up to their own definition of success or the definitions others set? How to Show up and Shine in Law School with Gratitude, Grit, and Grace transcends traditional advice on how to excel in law school by focusing on mindfulness, gratitude, worthiness, and how to persevere in the face of unexpected challenges. After reading this book, students will feel empowered to think, act, and be expansive in law school.

Praise for How to Show up and Shine in Law School with Gratitude, Grit, and Grace

“Good news at last for law students grappling with all the things that law school brings! How to Show Up and Shine in Law School reminds us that our strength lies in our origin stories, and that we can use the skills we are developing as lawyers, to be creative problem solvers, to solve the multiple ‘tests’ we face as students and eventual practitioners. Bravo to Cherelle for sharing common sense tools for success in plain English. I wish I had this guide when I was a IL long ago it sends a clear message to all, especially women and underrepresented folks, that from the moment of acceptance to law school, you belong.”

—Tomasita Sherer, Partner Dentons

How to Show up and Shine in Law School with Gratitude, Grit, and Grace is a beacon of wisdom and encouragement for anyone embarking on their law school journey. This book is a guide for aspiring lawyers full of invaluable insights and a refreshing perspective on the challenges law students face. It’s not just about the legal intricacies; it’s also about staying grounded, mindful, and connected to one’s purpose, which are qualities that can often be overshadowed by the rigors of law school.”

—Nicole Lester Arrindell, Esq. President-Elect, Metropolitan Black Bar Association

“In the realm of law school, where the path is often arduous and filled with challenges, How to Show up and Shine in Law School with Gratitude, Grit, and Grace stands out as a beacon of guidance and inspiration. It is my firm belief that this book should be a mandatory gift to all aspiring law students upon their registration and acceptance into university. From the very first page, this book captivates the reader with its practical wisdom, sage advice, subtle humor, and a treasure trove of strategies and tips for not just surviving but thriving in the demanding world of law school. As someone who has been practicing law for 27 years and mentoring countless law students, I can confidently say that this book is a game-changer. What truly sets this book apart is its thoughtful structure. At the end of each chapter, the author includes a set of questions that serve as a reset button, gently nudging the reader to reflect on the invaluable lessons just learned. This ingenious feature not only encourages self-assessment but also provides a moment of pause and introspection, which is often overlooked in the whirlwind of legal studies.
Throughout my reading journey, I found myself reaching for post-it notes, a highlighter, and even folding pages to ensure I could return to the profound insights within. The book’s pages are now adorned with my personal annotations, a testament to its enduring relevance and the wealth of knowledge it imparts. The author’s ability to combine practical advice with a touch of humor is a refreshing and effective approach. In conclusion, this book transcends the boundaries of a mere guidebook; it is a mentor, a friend, and a confidant for anyone embarking on the challenging journey of law school. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all law students, both aspiring and current, as well as to seasoned legal professionals who could benefit from a dose of rejuvenation and wisdom.
Kudos to the author for a job exceedingly well done!”

—Nicolle Kopping-Pavars, author; former family law lawyer; certified mindfulness instructor; trauma awareness activist, success coach.

“This important book has the potential to transform the law school experience for countless law students—shifting the focus from surviving to thriving. With humor and a healthy dose of insight drawn from thought leaders, influential psychological research and personal stories of her own law school experience, Cherelle sets forth a thoughtful and actionable roadmap to skillfully navigate many of law school’s most common and challenging hurdles. Poignant reminders of belonging, worthiness, and the power of gratitude are reinforced throughout the book offering readers the inner tools for not only finding fulfillment in the study and practice of law but for a lifelong journey of personal growth and wellbeing.”

—Scott L. Rogers, M.S., J.D., Director, Mindfulness in Law Program University of Miami School of Law, author of The Mindful Law Student: A Mindfulness in Law Practice Guide

How to Show Up and Shine in Law School with Gratitude, Grit, and Grace is a thought-provoking and valuable book that offers a distinctive perspective on excelling in law school. Its focus on character development, professionalism, and self-care is a testament to the holistic approach needed in legal education. This is a must-read for any law student or lawyer who wants to develop a positive mindset and build resilience as they journey through their career.”

—Karen Munoz, Partner-Dolan Law / Wellness Advocate

“This compassionate, informative, and highly practical book will give students the necessary skills to excel in law school. This should be required reading.”

—Gary Linnen, CEO PeerForward

“Cherelle’s book, How to Show Up and Shine in Law School with Gratitude, Grit and Grace, is a powerful source of inspiration for 1L students, reminding them that the same courage, determination, and resilience that brought them to law school will not only enable their success but empower them to blaze their own trail in their legal journey. Cherelle eloquently exhibits how gratitude, the support of a personal affirmation committee, embracing stretch opportunities, and practicing kindness serve as indispensable tools for not merely surviving but thriving in law school. She provides invaluable guidance on overcoming imposter syndrome, shedding the burden of perfectionism, and sidestepping the pitfalls of comparison. Cherelle offers no-nonsense mentorship to 1L students, equipping them with insights into mastering the Socratic method, excelling in exam preparation, and “thinking like a lawyer.” Her work is a true gift not only to 1Ls but indeed to the legal profession, leaving an indelible mark on those who embrace her wisdom.”

—Carrie Rodarte, US/UK qualified lawyer, professional executive and health and wellness coach for lawyers, Red Tree Coaching, LL

How to Show Up and Shine in Law School is a compilation of very useful practical tips for keeping one’s eye on the goal of doing well in law school while enjoying life and being grateful for one’s place in this new world of legal education. It explains how to set up good support systems, avoid negative thinking, learn legal education techniques, have meaningful conversations and speak truth to power, and achieve one’s goals using the best techniques from positive psychology and mindfulness practices. It is a book I would recommend to my students.”

—Nathalie Martin, Frederick M. Hart Chair in Consumer and Clinical Law, University of New Mexico School of Law, author of Lawyering from the Inside

“Cherelle provides actionable tools for law students to implement. If they do so, I’m confident they’ll succeed, just as she hopes they will. What is most compelling about this book is that the tips aren’t just for law students. The tools Cherelle provides would help the most senior attorneys refresh and reset their practices. Cherelle’s vulnerability to share her own story, which, like most of us, includes some hiccups, creates credibility. She sets out intentional practices that will help law students find contentment and fulfillment during a typically trying time. Cherelle offers a playbook for law students to differentiate themselves and thrive. Law students that find, read, and implement these techniques will have a leg up as they enter the profession.”

—Emily Logan Stedman, Senior Associate, Husch Blackwell, State Bar of Wisconsin, Young Lawyers Division, Past President; Wisconsin Taskforce on Lawyer Well-Being, Inaugural Member and Committee Chair, 2020-2022

“This book is a valuable resource for underrepresented, current and prospective law students. The book provides insightful strategies and guidance on how to navigate law school using a self-awareness and intentional approach. The book provides insight into the law school experience while embracing mindfulness techniques. The book’s emphasis on self-awareness, identity, and resilience offers a fresh perspective. The inclusion of real-life examples enhances uniqueness and authenticity. Overall, it is a highly recommended read for those seeking to excel in their law school journey. In sum, How to Show up and Shine in Law School with Gratitude, Grit, and Grace is a must-read for anyone embarking on the path to legal education.”

—De’Jonique Carter, Esq., Pre-Law Advisor Dillard University School of Law

“I wish I had How to Show Up and Shine in Law School with Gratitude, Grit, and Grace as a resource for me, a child of immigrants, when I decided to go to law school and had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. With excellent, new-age advice on how to succeed in law school and deal with imposter syndrome, this book is a must read for every incoming law student, but especially for those who do not have mentors or resources to help them navigate through law school. Cherelle is exactly the advocate, guidance counselor, mentor, and author the legal community needs.”

—Tina Lapsia, Associate Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

“In this law school prep book, Cherelle shares her experience and wisdom learned through years of practice (along with her share of suffering, to be sure), so that students might experience a bit more peace, love, and joy along their path. Make no mistake, law school and the legal profession can be demanding. But you got this. And this book can help.”

—Joseph Milowic III, Director of Well-Being & Of Counsel at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP and Co-Founder of the Lawyers Depression Project (, a non-profit which provides an online peer support community for legal professionals (not just lawyers).

“When I started law school, I lost some of the people I relied on most for emotional support. For example, my mother died the day before my first law school final. While that sounds like an extreme and unusual situation (and it is - law school will not kill your mom), the surprising thing to me was not the death of my mom, which was expected, but instead the fact that life went on while I was having the most intense academic experience of my life. I did not have the tools at the time to process the losses I was experiencing and the confrontation with my own inadequacies that law school challenged me to make, so I just compartmentalized the best I could, vented about petty issues to my friends, and tried to survive. At the time, I remember staring at the bookshelf in my school’s Career Services office, flipping through books, thinking, “Where is the book that will tell me I might be able to be good at something? How will I know if I am ever good at something?” And, mind you, I was someone who did well in law school and appreciated the academic challenge, so I had very clear privilege. How to Show up and Shine in Law School is the book I didn’t know I needed at the time. This book has practical, step-by-step, straightforward guidance about how to personally not just survive, but succeed, while you are academically torn down and built up again by the law school process. This week, I had a 1L tell me she just wanted to know the 'blueprint' for success in law school. I told her it was IRAC/CREAC, which this book also highlights, but much more than that, the blueprint for success in law school is each of the steps this book goes through. Know how to replenish yourself and not just drain yourself; make plans for how you want to show up when you encounter discrimination and abuse; give your closest people copies of this book so they can effectively support you. Anyone who has graduated from law school in the past twenty years, maybe more, has probably debated the value of a law degree or whether it is impossible to really “make a difference.” This book is a practical how-to guide for making your law degree valuable so that you can make a difference.”

—Meredith Holley, communication coach, workplace conflict mediator, civil rights attorney, author of Career Defense 101: How to Stop Sexual Harassment Without Quitting Your Job; author of The Inclusive Leader’s Guide to Healthy Workplace Culture

“Cherelle’s book will be an outstanding resource for law students—her kind, optimistic, and supportive voice resound throughout and reflect precisely the wonderful law school classmate she was to me in law school. Law school can be a daunting experience full of many ups and downs, but Cherelle’s book demonstrates that you can take practicable steps to mastering the experience, starting with embracing that you fully belong. Cherelle shares her experiences to provide practical advice about how to battle imposter syndrome; feel gratitude even in challenging moments; speak your truth; and how to exercise self-care so you can guard your energy and focus. This will be a wonderful gift to new law school students—bravo to Cherelle!”

—Mia Martin, law school classmate and in-house lawyer.

“In How to Show Up and Shine in Law School with Gratitude, Grit and Grace, Cherelle masterfully guides readers through the intricacies of law student awareness. This book isn’t just another self-help manual; it’s a transformative experience that offers Cherelle’s perspective from being accepted to resisting mediocrity. Cherelle’s wisdom and understanding of ‘mindful redirection’—her strategy to show and make your presence known with elegance’ are unparalleled. I was particularly moved by her cross-examination of unproductive thoughts and framework for maximizing goals. I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone looking to begin their legal career and deepen their understanding of holistic well-being and balance. It is truly life-changing work she shares with her readers.”

—Michele Adler, holistic coach, LMT, FS

“For over three decades, I have learned, developed, and coached my specialized programs that help people protect and preserve their greatest assets (brain and body) in order to thrive personally and professionally. For the last several years, my clients are mostly lawyers, from first year associates to senior partners in top global law firms. Lawyers come to me when they realize that they have given up parts of themselves, gotten into self-harming habits, and/or feel as though they lost years of their lives and important opportunities. In every case, if they had this book in law school they would likely need me a whole lot less! Cherelle intuitively presents essential concepts for law students that will undoubtedly save their mental and physical wellness from the grueling demands and expectations. How to Show Up and Shine in Law School with Gratitude, Grit, and Grace is a manual for how to be a whole human in law school. Cherelle emphasizes self-care as a daily practice and the secret sauce for a successful life as a lawyer. My hope is that the next generation of lawyers develops a strong sense of quality life balancing and shapes the culture of law firms with a human-centered approach.”

—Ava Diamond, LCSW, brain & body optimization coaching, certified in nutritional psychiatry and brain health

“Cherelle’s book should be required reading for all 1Ls, not just those who identify as diverse! Cherelle brilliantly blends providing her readers with practical tips for how to survive and thrive in law school (e.g., how to ‘take control of the Socratic Method by Being Prepared’) with practical and manageable self-care tips such as those found in each chapter’s Concluding Mindfulness Practice. A lot of us who attend law school are over-achievers who weren’t prepared for the first year of law school nor the actual practice of law. Coming from someone who burned out as a lawyer, Cherelle’s approachable style would have been helpful to me as a 1L and as a new practicing attorney. In fact, even as a registered yoga teacher and licensed (but not practicing) attorney today, Cherelle provides many new take-aways for those of us who are many years beyond law school to apply to our lives and our practices. Thank you, Cherelle, for showing up and shining—and sharing with us your gratitude, grit, and grace!”

—Kitty Wetherington, attorney, HR professional, yoga alliance registered yoga teacher 200 (RYT200), wellness educator, and North Carolina DRC certified mediator