Sing Something True

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Fifth grade is proving to be a challenge for ten-year-old Cassidy. There’s a new girl at school who’s stealing her best friend’s heart, an abandoned bird who might not survive the winter, and an older sister whose emotional needs leave Cassidy scrambling to keep the peace. Cassidy will do anything to help prevent her sister’s “Super Sophie Tantrums,” even if that means pretending life is fine when it one-hundred-percent is not. But pretending has its limits and its costs. This sunshiny girl might have to embrace the stormy side of her personality. But can she do that without losing everything that’s important to her?

Praise for Sing Something True

“A sunny, heartfelt celebration of the joys and sorrows of friendship, sisterhood and self-discovery.”

Laura Ruby, National Book Award Finalist

“A tender, heartfelt ballad about sisterhood, friendship and authenticity, Sing Something True is that special book you want to read over and over.”

Carolyn Crimi, author of Weird Little Robots

“The name says it all: Sing Something True melds themes of self-expression and integrity with sweetness and grace. Readers will connect with Cass’s struggle to be a good friend, sister, and daughter without forgetting something even more important: to be good to herself.”

-Lisa Jenn Bigelow, author of Hazel’s Theory of Evolution and winner of the Lamda Literary Award

“Few writers sing of family and friendship heartache more truthfully and tenderly than Brenda Ferber does here.”

-Claudia Mills, author of Write This Down

Sing Something True is a joyous ode to sisterly love, a refreshing riff on Queen Bees and BFFs, and a soaring anthem to the power of being your own best friend. Readers will fall in love with Cassidy Sunshine!”

-Jenny Meyerhoff, author of the Friendship Garden series.

“Like every great song, Ferber’s heartfelt Sing Something True strikes all the right notes. I cheered for Cassidy as she navigated the challenges of family and friendship and, in the process, found her own true voice, clear and empathetic and strong. Right now, we all need a little Cassidy Sunshine in our lives!”

– Sarah Aronson, author of The Wish List series and winner of the Crystal Kite Award

“A heartbreakingly realistic book about friendship, sisters, and finding your voice.”

– Stacy McAnulty, author of The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl

“Brenda Ferber’s sweet Sing Something True hits all the right notes.”

-Kate Hannigan, Golden Kite Award winning author of The Detective’s Assistant

“Whether you have a disabled child in your life or not, this book will sing something true straight to your heart until the very last page.”

-Katie Davis

“With pitch perfect middle grade voice, Brenda Ferber’s Sing Something True is a beautiful, authentic, page-turning story of friendship, family ties and a girl discovering what it means to sing your own song.”

-Christina Mandelski, author of The Sweetest Thing, The First Kiss Hypothesis, Love and Other Secrets and Stuck with You

“Fifth grader Cassidy’s older sister Sophie has a sensory processing disorder. Their mom and dad depend on Cass to help keep Sophie from dysregulating, which means that Cass must set her feelings and problems aside. She often puts these problems into her “junk drawer” and puts on her ‘Cassidy Sunshine’ face. Most of the time this is OK, because she has her best friend Dani to turn to when she feels bad. Recently though, Cass feels that she has been replaced in Dani’s life with the new girl, Lucy. This becomes more apparent when Dani goes to a sleepover at Lucy’s and returns to school excited to be taking dance class at Lucy’s mom’s dance studio. Other girls in class decide to take hip-hop lessons too, but the lessons are on the same day that Cassidy has voice lessons. Cass feels all of them have become entranced with the “Lucy-factor,” and decides that she must befriend Lucy too so she can feel included again. Unfortunately, all her attempts fail, and Dani does not have her back. Finally, during the sixth-grade concert, Sophie falls apart when it is her turn to read. Cassidy is embarrassed when Lucy witnesses Sophie’s meltdown and laughs at her sister. This event brings all of Cassidy’s bad feelings to the surface and she blurts out her deep-down secret wish. How does Sophie, who is usually the one who needs help, support Cassidy? And how does a lonely robin help Cassidy understand that everyone needs a flock?

VERDICT This middle grade novel hits the themes of friendship and self-discovery. Readers will empathize with Cassidy as she struggles to be a good friend and sister while remaining true to herself.”

—Annette Herbert, F. E. Smith Elem. Sch., Cortland, NY Copyright 2021 School Library Journal