The Little House on Everywhere Street

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A most remarkable house, a most remarkable family—with secrets. The fabulous Redmaynes seem able to live every day in three cities at once: London, Paris and New York. Somehow. The three lucky Redmayne children—George, Felice, and Emile—believe they know all about their extraordinary house and its many secrets. But, alas, no, they do not. And when they begin to investigate, disaster strikes: George and Felice accidentally misplace their younger brother in time, with the result that the entire family must unite to find the poor lad and bring him home. A whirlwind plot ensues that involves Shakespeare, a ship’s monkey, a packet of M&Ms, a red pen, and one or two, erm, unfortunate changes to history. Can it all ever be put right? As it turns out, on this occasion, maybe not… All actions have consequences, Mr Redmayne remarks towards the close of this tale, and it may be that the Redmaynes must live with theirs. Forever.
Simultaneously a rip-roaring adventure through time and space and the story of a family—and more specifically, about what makes for a happy family—this prize-winning novel will entertain and delight young adult readers of all ages.

Praise for The Little House on Everywhere Street

“A scrumptious time-travel adventure written with elegance and charm.”

– Adam Roberts, author of By Light Alone and Jack Class