The Tantalizing Tale of Grace Minnaugh

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Eleven-year-old Grace Minnaugh is not a fan of big change. And so, she’s miserable during her first weeks in the seaside town of La Toya, sulking like a spoiled brat while her family embrace the California lifestyle with gusto. But Grace’s entire life is destined to change in miraculous ways because she can’t resist the seductive beauty of the sea. One fateful morning, while taking a predawn swim, Grace is caught in a thunderstorm. Without the ocean skills to survive, she’s sucked below the surface, convinced she will drown. Instead, a new life begins. Gills rip open from behind her ears and her legs fuse together to form a fishtail. Grace Minnaugh is a mermaid, and a gorgeous one at that.

On land, Grace is still the same walking, talking social misfit she’s always been. But when fully submerged in the salty sea, she’s an underwater marvel. Not sure what to make of this fantastic conundrum, Grace decides not to tell a soul about her flip-floppy, double life. Things get more complicated when Grace befriends Alfie DeCosta, a kid who’s obsessed with finding an elusive shipwreck off the coast of La Toya. Grace knows exactly where the shipwreck is. But she can’t tell Alfie about it, or can she?

Plunge in to The Tantalizing Tale of Grace Minnaugh, a marvelous ride for landlubbers and mer-folk alike.

But be forewarned; whether you’ve got a fishtail or feet, you will get wet!

Praise for The Tantalizing Tale of Grace Minnaugh

“Family secrets, mysterious algae allergies, shipwrecks, and fishy transformations – put this magical middle grade in the fins of any child who’s ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid. Full of humor and heart, Grace Minnaugh is a pure delight!”

– Tara Gilboy, author of Rewritten and Unwritten

“Magical, exciting, and an absolute delight to read, The Tantalizing Tale of Grace Minnaugh is full of humor and heart. Grace is a true force of nature; a girl who knows herself but who also discovers a few surprises beneath the surface.”

– Melissa Sarno, author of Just Under the Clouds and A Swirl of Ocean

“As sparkling, vivid, and twisty as a mermaid’s tail. Grace Minnaugh is a charming and relatable heroine, and Alice Kaltman’s storytelling carries you away wave by beautiful wave. This Minnaugh is a real catch!”

– Betsy Cornwell, author of Tides and The Forest Queen