Worst. Date. Ever.

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We’ve all experienced dates brimming with horror, comedy, drama, tension, and lunacy.  Sometimes in the same evening. This short story collection captures the vulnerability, desperation, and bravery of putting yourself out there.  The characters in these stories are undergoing the worst dates of their lives. Whether on a first date, a weekend getaway with a significant other, or the target of an intricate revenge scheme, the characters in this collection reflect the spectrum of emotions and reactions when they decide to lower their guard and let somebody in.  And then it all goes spectacularly Hindenburg.

Praise for Worst. Date. Ever.

“Romance is weird under the best of circumstances, and Kopcow’s collection takes us far afield from the best of circumstances. Ghosts haunt, the end of the world looms, and Kopcow’s narrators strive to find love in ways that are by turns funny and sad, but always deeply human.”

– Bob Proehl, author of A Hundred Thousand Worlds and The Nobody People

“Kopcow’s stories ring weird and true, as they chart a tough trajectory through the heart-infested waters of human attraction.”

– “Ask Amy” advice columnist Amy Dickinson