Women of Consequence

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In these stories, readers will meet women like: the fallen starlet who revives her career by voicing a wretched dog-man in an animated horror film; the surrogate nearing her due date who, hoping for greater profit, runs off to Mexico with her valuable cargo; the meals-on-wheels driver with an eating disorder who survives on bits picked from the dinners of her clients; the casting agent who hires a performance artist to nurse her new baby; the young professional who, seeking eligibility for an exclusive dating service, pretends severe colorblindness; the dangerously protective mother who attempts to destroy her child’s faith in his physical senses. Victims or victimizers, the mothers, daughters, sisters, lovers, friends, and ghostly presences in this collection face their unique circumstances with passion and creativity. Whether or not they find satisfaction, they are all Women of Consequence.

Advance Reviews for Women of Consequence

“After savoring Gregory Wolos’ magnificent story collection, Women of Consequence, I was convinced I’d been in the presence of a long-established, world-class writer. That this is his debut book of fiction surprised me because it so clearly constitutes the efforts of an immensely talented and evolved wordsmith.”

–– Michael C. Keith, author of Stories in the Key of Me and Let Us Now Speak of Extinction