Night Journey

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In Greg Johnson’s searing new novel, Travis McCune succumbs to alcoholic depression and commits suicide. Left to put their lives back together in their small Southern town are his lonely and vulnerable young widow, Nina, and their son, Jared, a precocious and sensitive teenager whose experience of tragedy coincides with his approach to the brink of manhood. Told in alternating sections by Jared, Nina, and Travis’s brother Clyde, the novel dramatizes one family’s terror-filled crisis even as it explores the boundaries of familial and erotic love. The dynamics of power, gender, and fraught sexuality govern this riveting novel, as does the theme of deception in all its guises. Night Journey is the finest and most powerful book yet by award-winning author Greg Johnson.

Praise for Night Journey

“A timely and suspenseful novel about deceptions: romantic, familial, sexual, individual... Its journey is vertiginous, careening—and memorable.”

- Joyce Carol Oates, author of Blonde

Night Journey is a harrowing story of one family’s spiral toward self-destruction… Greg Johnson is a superb writer: his characters, even the most minor, are vividly drawn, his pacing impeccable, his language precise. Best of all, he’s found the perfect story to display his many talents.”

—Ron Rash, author of Serena